"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." 
2 Timothy 1:7

Video Messages

Silence/ Breaking Chains With Your Words

Sometimes, the first step you must take in becoming free from the residual effects of violence is to speak when others remain silent. Do you have the courage to give a name to the things that make you uncomfortable?

Don't Look Left, Don't Look Right Press On!

All of us have a purpose in life, and we are most effective at serving the world when we are in tune with the demands of our purpose. For this message, I read a passage from one of my favorite self-development books, Relentless, by Tim Grover. In this message, I discuss the importance of remaining #focused on the #main #thing.

Hello, hello warriors,

Outside of writing, I've taken the time to create video messages of inspiration, empowerment, and hope. On this page, you will find a collection of videos with messages that focus on different topics. Some of the topics include value, strength, faith, self-esteem, accountability, and self-development. 

I hope that these video messages inspire you to own your voice and know your worth.

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Lights, Camera, Action/ YOU are the change!

Rare moments in history have paved the way for unique voices, uncommon visionaries, uncommon leaders, and uncommon fighters. If you have ever been told that you are too young, too short, not educated enough, or not skilled enough to take up a cause, this is a message for you. This is a message for #uncommon individuals. I hope this message encourages you to have faith in what God has given you.


The Devil Plays Checkers And Jesus Plays Chess

Feeling lucky today, or rather, blessed! Excited to share part one of my message about the importance of #tact and #discernment. In addition, I share some great news about my Blog next week!

SET IT OFF! The Perks of Being an Underdog


I am pumped and grateful that I am able to share a Sunday word with you about the power that comes from being an #underdog. I don't care what society says about you or your situation. God sees everyone as equal. The subtle difference between the #victim and the #conqueror is the decision to fear the lord more so than man.